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Systems Engineering

Our systems engineering approach is focused on scaling cutting edge manufacturing and enabling insertion of the latest technology. We tailor our approach based on the type of customer and system we are manufacturing or integrating. We then apply systems engineering processes and procedures to improve productivity, reduce risk, and deliver superior system quality.

Our Expertise
T2 Core Competencies

Our approach to systems engineering is based in tried and true engineering principles. We support the entire systems engineering lifecycle from requirements and design through development and testing and fielding. We ensure that our team has the requisite expertise needed to develop and field all types of systems.


  • System Requirements and Architecture
  • System Design and Prototyping
  • System Integration, Test and Verification
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • Operation and Maintenance
Our Expertise

Case Study


The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is the nationwide network of federal laboratories. The FLC’s mission is to promote, facilitate and educate in federal technology transfer. They had a unique challenge of 300 federal laboratories with disparate sets of data and no way to compile and search it in one database.


We took on this challenge using our standard systems engineering process to define the requirements and build a complete architecture of the system. We found and integrated tools to scrape unstructured data sites across the internet and formulated a comprehensive relational database that could house tens of thousands of records in the cloud. We built out, tested and placed a system into operations with training and full customer support to allow for searchable federal resource data never before available on a very limited budget in tight timetables.

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